Xiaomi Qualcomm Phones

– Read Info
– Read Firmware (CST Backup)
– Read Full Firmware Including User Data (CST Backup)
– Read Any Selected Partition
– Write Full Firmware (CST Backup)
– Format Phones
– Read Direct Patten Lock (Non Encrypted firmware)
– Reset User Lock (Non Encrypted firmware)
– Reset File System (Non Encrypted firmware)
– Export Gallery Photos and Video (Non Encrypted firmware)
** Please note : if userdata partition is not encrypted will support: unlock/reset all settings/reset fs/data recovery

– Added Read Flashing Customazation (Read any Selected partition)
– Fixed Vivo Connection bugs for some phones
– Meizu MTK AT Mode Imei Repair

CSTool S Module 1.33

Other Fixs

– Updated NEW EMI Settings for MTK
– Updated Firehose protocal for Qualcomm Phones

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